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Styles of Church Shoes you can buy for your use

Styles of Church Shoes you can buy for your use

What determines shoe type to wear?

Shoes are important parts of our dressing. We cannot but have one on anytime we are dressed for outing. Shoes are made of different types and finishes. Your choice of the one to wear for an occasion would be determined by factors such as the type of occasion and the individual’s style. The type of shoes for a wedding occasion may not be suitable for a church gathering. You’ll need church shoes to match the dressing style in that respect.

 Men and women shoes design

There is lot of difference in the design pattern for men and women shoes. The only probable meeting point is the material of design. Leather, synthetic product and rubber are some design materials for both sexes. The leather product is a more popular in design material. Women’s shoes are often high heeled and flat patterns. Boots of various styles are available for both men and women. The ankle boots laced material type and others are common with women designs.

The styles of shoes

Great design styles abound for shoes design for both men and women. Some can double as church shoes for your meetings. Here, we look briefly on each.

The oxford style

This is a formal tone design. It is laced design like the derby designs. The oxford shoe has a vamp, that is, the upper section design in between the front and back. The oxford is a much in demand style of shoes.

Brogue shoes

One distinct nature of this design is the perforation for elimination of feet sweat. It is a low heeled shoe that gives this functionality coupled with comfort to the wearer. They also come in beautiful designs and finishes like brown and black.

Chelsea boot design

These are sleek designs dating back to the early 19th century. They are designs that have a zip or an elastic gusset on the sides. They are much for the casual outings on jackets and jeans.

The loafers

This low and laced shoe is a slip-on wear. When you want to feel free, go with loafers. The loafers are beautiful and simple shoes to wear.

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