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Tips for cleaning and caring of gold wedding band

Tips for cleaning and caring of gold wedding band

Men are left with the responsibility of caring and cleaning their gold wedding bands after getting married. This is very important considering the fact you will most likely be wearing the wedding band for the rest of your life. Factors that make cleaning of the wedding band important is due to the fact that the band will get exposed to materials you are handling including chemicals, perfume and sweat amongst others. There have been occasions where some newly married men prefer to remove their wedding bands anytime they want to do any work around the house. With time however, they find it difficult keeping with the routine and are subsequently forced to stop taking off the wedding band. Here are some tips towards cleaning and caring for your gold wedding band.

Give a warm sudsy bath to your wedding band

With time, you might start to notice a thin film developing around your wedding band. This could be due to your aftershave, perfume, powder, lotions and / or skin natural oils accumulating on the ring. The chemicals in these substances could easily depreciate the quality of your gold wedding band if they are not cleaned off. You can use a liquid detergent that is mild along with warm water to clean this accumulation from your wedding ring. Subsequently rinse them in some water and use a soft cloth piece to polish it.

Ammonia and cold water

Another option is to use ammonia and cold water to clean your wedding ring. Mix them equally and drop your gold wedding bands inside the mixture for 30 minutes. Use an old soft toothbrush to clean off. You can immediate dip it into the mixture once more, bring it out immediately and leave the wedding band to dry.

Give to professionals to clean

You can also give your gold wedding band to professional wedding band cleaners to help you to clean them. They could use an ultrasonic machine or other high tech equipment to clean your wedding band. By the time you get your wedding band back, it should be looking good as new.

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