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Top hints for selecting an Emerald Engagement Ring

Top hints for selecting an Emerald Engagement Ring

There are several beautiful and unique rings that an individual can select from, while preparing for marriage. Finding the best ring for you can be sometimes challenging as you will want to go for a ring that will reflect your style and personality. The emerald engagement ring is a beautiful and unique stone that can easily give you a signature and distinct appearance all through your life as an individual with the married status.

The several engagement ring types, having various gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and diamonds can make locating a uniquely styled ring difficult. This is due to the fact that rings are mass produced as opposed to been developed individually. Here are some top hints for selecting an Emerald Engagement ring.

Having an artist design your ring

If you should approach an artist to design your ring, he will be able to give you something unique. It is important that you look for an artist that is creative. Depending on your budget and preference, the ring’s size will not be the same as others. You can get an unusual, beautiful and unique ring that will be affordable. You should tell the artist about your personality and style as this will help his decision on the type of ring to buy for you.

Your style of wearing ring

The way you wear rings could also impact on the design of your ring. If you normally work with your hands, such that it will be easy for your ring to get caught in items such as clothes or equipment, then you should opt for a ring whose stone is inset. If on the contrary you choose a solitary stone that is highly placed on the band, it will get hooked on objects and clothes, making it a discomfort to wear while working or when your hand will be close to such objects. An inset stone will therefore save you from such discomfort, and also protect your ring from quickly getting damaged.

Get other jewelries with the same stone

When buying other accessories including bracelets and earrings, ensure that they are cut in a similar version with your ring. In this case, your other accessories should have emerald and/or any other gemstone type present in your ring.

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