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Emerald cut diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds

If you love to shop for diamonds, you must have come across emerald diamonds. It is a popular and distinctive shape of diamond. The emerald cut features on the diamond goes a long way to emphasize some parts of the appearance of the diamond, while hiding the other parts. There are, therefore, certain things you should look out for when buying emerald diamonds.

Definition of emerald cut diamonds

The name emerald diamond comes from the fact that emerald cuts are used. Originally, emeralds were cut such that natural inclusions, usually interior stone flaws, cannot be noticed easily. The flaws make the emerald vulnerable to get broken. It is therefore important that the emerald is cut such that points that are vulnerable are not visible. Even though the actual width to length ratio could differ from 1.75 to 1.25, a rectangular emerald cut is always done. Structural weaknesses are also eliminated in the process.

The specialty of emerald cut diamonds

For diamond cuts, the emerald is among the type that is very unique. The rectangular shaped in emerald is generally much defined, compared to other cuts, including the Asscher cut that is a set cut. Emeralds of high quality usually possess the longest facet of every common shape of diamonds. It, therefore, has more clarity, with the chance of been the clearest among every other diamond. Even though their features are specialized, emerald cuts can be carried out to fit into any setting type. Furthermore, the emerald is among the most common and generally accessible cuts that are not round. It will be easy to get many types of emerald diamonds, so that you can choose, based on your preference. Also, emerald cut diamonds are more available as they do not have the reputation of been an ideal cut like their round counterparts.

Factors to consider when buying an emerald diamond

If you are hoping to get a lovely shape of emerald, you should look for diamonds that has a width to length ratio of between 1.6 and 1.4. The long emerald cut facets will emphasize the clarity of the diamond. Do not buy any diamond whose clarity grade is less than VS2.

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