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Unique Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

Unique Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

Many aspiring homeowners often focus on kitchen details when choosing the right luxury home plan. Is it a separate breakfast nook, required storage space or is it about island worktops? Not to forget if there will be skylights? Since the kitchen is one of the centers of your daily family activities, every detail needs to be considered to suit the needs and aesthetics of your home. Here are four things to consider when designing your kitchen before planning your one-of-a-kind luxury home:

1. Use a countertop with a mixture of materials.

Using granite or marble in a large luxury kitchen can make a room feel cold and stiff. Shouldn’t your kitchen be one of those rooms that feel warm and inviting because it’s the most used in your home? Try taking a different approach to luxury kitchen design by using a variety of countertop materials including silestone, limestone, and even wood. You can make it look more like a traditional kitchen table by choosing a wood top on the island. So it doesn’t look like a shelf.

2. Hide equipment.

Make sure you plan in plenty of space. When designing your luxury kitchen to store your kitchen gadgets! Because the equipment filling your table is going to disrupt your luxurious kitchen design. You can choose between built-in shelves in a large pantry or cupboards with internal worktops for your large, heavy kitchen utensils. You can even incorporate large appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers into your design to combine with other cabinet designs. Get it right. The panels hide the tools so well that you can’t even tell the difference.

3. Get the light right.

Poor lighting can effectively destroy any luxury kitchen, no matter how immaculate the design is. Many homeowners opt for functional lighting that tries to light up the entire room at once, but this type of lighting doesn’t add much to the “mood” in their kitchen. Lighting is like fashion – you have to mix and match different styles to create the look that suits you. Try a variety of built-in and sink lights, sleek over-the-island ceiling lights, and decorative chandeliers that add color, style, and light to your kitchen corner.

4. Don’t be afraid to add color and pattern.

While white kitchens seem to exude luxury, there is no rule that says that bright colors and patterns are not only at home in chic kitchens. Bright red accent walls with white cabinets can intensify the space and become the focal point of your kitchen. A blue patterned backsplash of the stove will add a Mediterranean flair to your luxury kitchen, and a jewel color can appear on a dark countertop.

5. Add islands.

The past of the kitchen peninsula is over! When designing your chic kitchen, look for the main island that has space (maybe even two!). The island is the center of your kitchen – here you can prepare food for a dinner party, mix drinks for guests and use it as a self-service buffet or as an event location. Sit down with the family for a quick snack. Kitchen islands work well in U- and L-shaped kitchens because they shorten the space between counters and keep kids and guests out of the way!

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