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Vintage costume jewelry recreates an essence of ethnicity and glamour

Vintage costume jewelry recreates an essence of ethnicity and glamour

By costume jewelry we can connote that it’s a kind of complementary, simulated ornamental jewelry to highly expensive fashionable ornamental gemstones. We can trace its development back in early 20th century where the whole world were into a dark labyrinth of war and these metallic ornaments acted as auxiliary  help to their physical strength. Not only it was helpful in waging war but also enhances the beauty of women.

Stopover at its beauty.

We live in a world of heterogeneous population where disparity lives in every section of community, not all people live the hedonistic life but have had to be socially active like them, as it won’t be possible for a middle class people like us to afford precious gemstones such as diamond or platinum out from minor salary where large portion incorporate our daily essential expenses, we human always sorted complex thing to live a cheerful life. Here we did the same to emulate with the high profilers by imitating expensive ornaments into cubic zirconia simulated diamonds, High end crystals and some semi-precious stones. Also incorporate silver-plated brass or gold, sterling silver or sometimes vermeil. Some other pieces incorporate plastic, acrylic, leather, or wood.

It has made affordable, within every person’s reach, now mostly we proudly flaunt ourselves by wearing these without any hesitation.

Some of its form are explained by Schiffer

Flowers, bows, and sunburst designs with a Hollywood flair.

Moonstones, horse motifs, military influence, and ballerinas

Bakelite and other plastic jewelry

Hollywood and other film industries play a significant factor in popularizing costume jewelry, they had made us mesmerized by their glorious look, almost make us go insane, swayed the period with storm.

some of the actors which made us hipster were Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, even Indian actress like Madubala, Meena kumari, Vyjanti Mala, I know we could just drooI even picturizing their ethnic look.

Most popular costume jewelry named include both the low and high priced brands: Dior, Crown Trifari, Chanel, Monet, Miriam Haskell, Napier, Kim Craftsmen, Corocraft, , and Coventry.

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