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What Differs A Flower Brooch From Others

What Differs A Flower Brooch From Others

History knows a lot of popular dames who wore brooches. Using just a little one on your blouse you can hide the drawbacks of your dress or line up it`s beauty.

Nowadays brooches became so popular that any lady cannot imagine her jewellery box without at least one.

Stones VS Figures

Stylists offer thousands of models according to people`s taste, mood, prosperity. Of course, more official, wealth are stone inlaid accessories. Jewellery with stones is usually for occasions. But don`t use too much precious stones together with posh dress.

You cannot ignore plain images made from metals or coloured. So, when you are about to choose your next brooch, think of the dress you are going to wear it with. This variant is more casual. No special rules for wearing plain brooch.

When your choice is flower brooch – that`s great! One of the unique and neutral image is a flower.

Flower brooch is an obvious sign of a good taste of its owner. And you don`t need any special reason to wear it. Flowers will always look elegant.

Combination With Your Dress

The fashion world is huge, so it is very hard to say what dress you need for flower brooches. Try to experiment. If you are afraid of being old-fashioned, then no worries! Vintage is a style which will never fade away.

If you prefer office style, then a tiny flower on the collar of the blouse will look perfect. The colours do not matter. The combination of light fabric with coloured flower will not be rude.

If your jacket has pockets – great! As recently, it became popular to wear flowers on top of the jacket`s pocket. From one side! But if you want to refresh your image, do it! Use the brooch on sleeves. Surprised? If you put two different flower brooches on the very end of your sleeves, so that it touches your wrist, you will intrigue people around.


But while doing these experiments, remember! Don`t overdo your image. As too much accessories is a sign of tasteless person.

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