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Why Is It Important To Choose Right Winter Boots?

Why Is It Important To Choose Right Winter Boots?

When there is winter outside, we start to think of right clothes. Boots are not exception. To choose right winter boots is very important especially if you live in a very severe climate. Boots are to protect you when it is snow or rain, dirt or ice-crushed ground outside. Here are some hints to help you to choose the right winter footwear.

Fashion VS Reliability

If you are following the fashion, and high heel shoes is your favourite think about wearing them on the snow. Stiletto heels are beautiful but not when you “loose” them inside of the snow.

What is your priority? Winter boots should be warm, comfortable, soft, easy to wear, allow your feet to breath, protect you from leakage and not let you to fall down on an icy road. But that does not mean that boots like that cannot be beautiful.


Let`s start from material. “Natural” one is the best. Leather is an ideal variant for winter boots. It protects feet from the frost and leakage. It takes the shape of your legs, leather keeps the heat, so you can stay outside for a very long time.

Suede material is not bad. But it demands a lot of good care. It is not so practical as leather, but shoes made of the suede look stylish.

Of course, the cheapest variant is imitation leather but not for winter time.

Inside Staff

Speaking about the inside, natural fur is always good for winter boots. It keeps warmth, makes your feet breath. With artificial fur, you will get only one effect – sweating, and as a result – not pleasant smell.

Outside Part

Sole is a very important part. There are a lot of different materials like rubber, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride. All of them are waterproof. Sole should not be thin so that you will not freeze.

Today there is a great variety of winter boots: models, sizes, materials. But it is up to you to decide what kind of footwear you need to choose to be both stylish and healthy.

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