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A glimpse of Victorian jewelry

A glimpse of Victorian jewelry

Taken to the Past

With the inception of Victorian age, jewelry began with the coronation of Queen Victoria in the year 1837 until 1901.

She was a profound lover of jewelry, she designed it, worn it, and gave a lucrative precious gifts to the British people which seems to be undeniable,  irresistible jewelry.

Her indefatigable passion toward jewelry ignited the talents of jewelry trade mostly embarked upon her beloved husband Albert.

She has given us the reason to augment our beauties with such jewelry . In this 21st century where the word beautiful is been faked through all the revolutionary makeup products and selfie cameras ,only ornaments and jewelry still give us an authentic aesthetic touch to our natural beauty . We are so much engaged in our life and comply to the gregariousness nature (a key to the successful living )we either attend parties in someone’s happiness and joy or invite others to be a part of our own cheerful causes wherein our sole purposes of flaunting our beauty through unique vintage Victorian jewelry. I’m sure you also want to flaunt among your acquaintance through equipping yourselves with these ornaments.

Various style of an ornament are enumerated:

Enameled serpents and snakes bracelet, pendent, brooches, studded with diamond or garnets for your ears , wrist and neck

Hand carved semi precious gem Intaglio or Cameo gained more popularity at that time. It was one of the expensive and precious possession . It had taken artistry by storm and still it has the same impact on people who wears it ,it’s never out of fashion

Black jewelry trend started by Queen Victoria when she was mourning on her husband demise , from then it has become a fashion , another way to exhibit ,and enhance your beauty.

And other example  which yet has the beautiful effect on people eyes ,which not only make you look spiffing but also cast your persona.

Have only given you small segments of enormous content which is much more yet to say, not able to commensurate the entire development of Victorian jewelry within few sentences. While going through the origin of Victorian jewelry, it mesmerized and compelled me to ponder their excellent level of artistry , carving instilled in them when science and technology didn’t spread . By analyzing today’s globalized world, where machine and mechanized technology almost lessened the load of human labor made me lament about their ineptitude and dependency on some artificial artistry which got lost in some ostentatious display.

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