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Beautiful Plant Stand With A Gorgeous
Green View

Beautiful Plant Stand With A Gorgeous Green View

Bring your plants indoors when winter comes

In winter, many people bring their plants into the house, the conservatory, the living room, the kitchen or the dining room. You can display them on an indoor plant stand to brighten them up and liven up your day at the same time by adding value to your living room during the freezing cold winters.

Exotic views

In recent years we have created a mix of traditional shrubs and trees with exotic plants such as bananas, tree ferns and bamboo in our garden. And that has become a normal habit for us. If you grow something that normally develops in the Mediterranean countryside or barren deserts and then take it to England, chances are you will be very busy looking after this plant in winter.

Many of us keep most of our tropical home plants outdoors. It will work well to decorate a lovely summer terrace and garden. However, you will need to bring them back as soon as the weather starts freezing. When temperatures reach 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to get some tropical plants indoors as soon as possible.

Honey, full of tenderness

You need special attention for all of your plants, not just tropical plants. The presence of frost can damage delicate plants, new plants, early seedlings, summer flowering tubers and cuttings. Take a little time to get to know your plants and tolerate lower temperatures for plants like aroids, tulips, ensuites, geraniums, calla, canna, ginger and lilies.

The winter protection of your plants must be based on where you live and the openness of your garden. If you live in a private city park, your delicate plants may get away with not moving at all. However, you can remove the potted plants and place them in a sheltered area in your garden.

Move plants that use a potted environment or that are small enough to dig indoors in winter. Summer bloomers can be dug up or stored dry in a frost-free place. You may only care for large tree plants in the ground with a thick mulch blanket and horticultural fur in frosty weather.

Other considerations

Digging up your perennials for the winter can be beneficial for another reason. If the flowering wears off or the plant begins to die in the middle, it must be divided so that it does not break. That means you have to kill two birds with one stone. It also gives you extra plants to create a decorative look on a plant stand over the next year.

Some tender perennials like lavender or rosemary like a hibernation. Maybe it is better to keep it in the garage or in the shed. They don’t add space in your room so there is no point in keeping them in pots and racks. They do not freeze, but remain dormant. Just don’t let the pot dry out.

Some plants will not enjoy centrally heated rooms; it would shock their system and make it too dry. If that’s the problem, you may find that it’s better to take care of them outside.

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