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Living Plant Walls

Living Plant Walls

Create your plant paradise with this step-by-step guide on how to build a living plant wall – The living plant wall will prove to be one of the many hottest new garden trends of 2020! This further enhancement can be brought to life in our homes with the help of the brand new Dobbies and Living Wall Planters – create a wall that is most blooming this spring.

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Marcus Eyles, Head of Horticulture at Dobbies, says: “We are pleased to have made this development accessible in every home, indoors or outdoors.” “Living Walls are a great way to bring green into your own home and tidy up an area to create a contemporary and complex look that can add curiosity and color. ‘

‘The Living Wall planters can easily be placed in any crowded room.’ Marcus explains, “Partitions can be built inside or outside, they are often as big or as small as you want them to be, which means they are often cut to the dimensions of your home. ‘

Make a living plant wall step by step

1. Choose your room

You can build a living plant wall as opposed to a strong wall or fence – get it right into the look of a house, garden fence, or perhaps a sturdy shed. For interiors, custom-made slatted walls mean you can freely move them from one room to another.

Once you have decided on a structurally stable wall or fence, simply screw it in rows of 5 “by 1” with handle strips aside 38 cm to fill it in the house and use some force to inspect it check is straight.

2. Screw in the planter

Connect the plastic plant pot with an electric screwdriver and from bottom to top with the bar. You can then click and lock the planters together and build your walls in staggered rows.

3. Get watered

From the beginning, water your walls with a hose or a watering can. The reservoir system is designed to water the plants for up to two weeks.

4. Beautify your walls

Fill the planter with the plant of your alternative using a 12-13 cm pot. Take the plants out of their pots, immediately plant them in planters, or make changing the scheme very easy. Place the pots directly in each planter, making sure the pots touch the bottom of the reservoir.

Planters are expected to be available for purchase at Dobbies Park Heart starting in early March, starting at $ 13.22.

Great ideas for living plant walls

• In case you are installing an inexperienced wall on the facade of the house, Dobbies recommends installing a waterproof membrane on the wall before starting to stop moisture problems.

• Live plant walls need to be watered every two to three days depending on local weather (until you decide to add an automatic watering system), especially in summer – use a finger in the soil to check that the compost is dry.

• When it comes to plant care, once you have chosen flowering plants, you must plant useless flowers by default to encourage new blooms at the end of the season. Deciduous plants corresponding to heucheras and ferns must be pruned by pruning shabby leaves as needed. Annuals in particular benefit from liquid bait every few weeks in summer. Though any show that has been around for a very long time needs to be fed to keep it most refined.

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