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Wonderful Boathouses

Wonderful Boathouses

The Chesapeake Boathouse is also a focus of attention devoted to just one of these Oklahoma City destinations. And also investments in the Oklahoma River region south of Bricktown. While its staff won’t be disappointed with the recreational features courtesy of R and Elliott. This structure attracts attention. There is outdoor recreation and the events have already attracted attention.

The boathouse is the building to be built on the banks of this Oklahoma River that flows through downtown Oklahoma City and a landmark. A creative art form that transcends geometric definitions despite being a structure. The plan is the oar bowl. The ingenuity of this idea could be better appreciated during the nighttime. The features of the Chesapeake boathouse and those connected to three columns of lighting give the feel of a sailboat with oars.

This $ 3.5 million construction and structure won’t just be a miracle on the outside. Inside, the Chesapeake boathouse includes a deck, a reception and an event space that can be used for dinners and meetings, ship bays that can accommodate up to 124 oar bowls.

Yet another event space outfitted with a larger 62-foot window that offers fantastic views of these ship bays. A dining area equipped with various devices, also – probably the very spectacular – a 7 meter high glass wall, which offers an excellent view of the deck and Lake Oklahoma and the pool.

Guided tours of the boathouse are available for people from outside and the city. Visitors from Oklahoma City can rely on shuttle services from OKC resorts.

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