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Before Building a New Garden in the New

Before Building a New Garden in the New Year

Gardening is a great and lucrative hobby for everyone. The green color of the garden, the clarity of the fish pond and the abundance of flowers make every house look even more beautiful and lush. On winter days, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden for your home. Today’s modern technology will help you overcome many difficulties. You can enjoy indoor gardening year round, even with a little window light or a few garden lights.

It is often believed that indoor gardens have a different meaning to houses than greenhouses. If this is new to you, there are a few steps to help you start a new garden. If you are considering investing in a few standard gardening supplies, you can have your indoor garden complete with plants, flowers, and even vegetables.

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1. Landscaping

First think carefully and carefully before deciding on your garden design. Where do you build your garden? Is your garden producing lots of flowers and getting enough sunlight or not? Because plants usually grow better if they are planted in a suitable location.

There are three types of locations to choose from:
1) behind the house (Backyard garden) – You can have a separate room for the garden and the fish pond,
2) in front of the house (Garden in the front yard) – near the gate.
3) In the house (Indoor garden) – Many also think of indoor gardens

After the layout, you also need to choose the type of furniture that you want to place in your garden. The beautiful and beautiful look of your garden is a combination of color, shape and facility size with your garden. So start by determining the location where you will be building your garden at this point.

You can build three gardens at the top, roughly divided into the following categories:
– indoor garden and
– outdoor garden

For the current winter situation, an inner garden seems to be more sensible and less complicated. If you want to create an indoor garden, there are a few standard items that you need to bring into your garden.

2. Including pots and soil

Start by including pots and soil, which are the main media for your gardening work. Use good soil for your house plants. The outer soil is rich in nutrients so it will support the growth of your plants.

If possible, buy potting soil so that you can find out quickly and, if necessary, take immediate action whether your plant is watering too much or otherwise needs more water. You can only tell if the soil is wet or dry if you press your finger into the earth. A good pot is made of scorched earth because it lets the water soak quickly and doesn’t slide off.

3. Irrigation system

Next, you need to think about the irrigation system. The brevity is pretty easy when you have only a few plants. If you have a larger, more complex garden, a hydroponic system can make water. Modern hydroponic systems allow even water circulation with a reservoir and a liquid filter pump. You are not limited in how much you can use the system. A lamp that gives off a lot of heat will make watering more constant.

4. If necessary, additional roof and walls

The next aspect to remember is the roof for your indoor garden. Your indoor garden needs additional roofs and walls to protect it from the cold weather outside your home. But it also needs light to survive.

How to make an indoor garden with lights in winter

What you can’t help but think about lighting your indoor garden. Since light is the most important element for plant growth, you can install a couple of grow lights if your plants don’t get enough sunlight this winter. In this regard, LED growl lights are known for their high quality and high efficiency. The problem is that the price is relatively high. However, it’s so efficient that it doesn’t burn your money to pay for the energy, nor does it burn your crops.

However, if your home is in an area like California, chances are your indoor yard will still get plenty of sunshine every day. In a sunny place, it will be easier to arrange the plants.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to end your gardening days. With the help of today’s technology, you can have a beautiful garden indoors. You will be able to grow vegetables, flowers, and plants that your friends won’t. Use your stunning garden to create beautiful Christmas decorations for your friends and family.

Now that you’ve remembered the four things above, now is the time to choose the right types of plants for your indoor garden. Here we have three types of plants:

  1. Herbal plants,
  2. Plants for entertainment,
  3. Green plants.

The above plants are suitable for you to combine an ideal indoor garden. You can use herbal plants for a specific therapy or treatment. The types of flowers also vary so that they have a beautiful appearance. In green plants, it can balance the color of the flowers.

All of this is required to build a beautiful new indoor and outdoor garden. What are you waiting for? When looking to buy plants, several companies supply various plants for office building interiors.

Plants like Howea forsteriana can thrive in reasonable lighting. Some palm trees can grow up to 10m or more than 50cm in size with a light requirement of up to 800 lux. One of the most famous plants for indoor gardens comes from the Dracaena family. Dracaena has lovely names like Song of Jamaica and Song of india. The dark green leaves only require a relatively low light intensity. However, they can still grow from an initial height of just 30 cm to 5 m.

Whether it is an outdoor garden or an indoor garden, there is no doubt that growing plants in any home will change the atmosphere of any space and make it more vibrant and attractive. Try to design your beautiful garden in your home!

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