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Characteristics of great eternity rings

Characteristics of great eternity rings

An eternity ring symbolizes that you and your spouse have a love that is everlasting and is similar to a wedding ring. This type of ring is normally given on special occasions such as when a family has their first child. There is however no specific rule that says the ring can only be given during a special occasion.

Partial vs full eternity rings

Eternity rings often comes with diamonds or other stones on them. The full eternity rings are eternity rings that where the diamond goes through the circumference of the ring up to the finger’s back. There are however some group of people who are not comfortable with this type of eternity wrong and opt for the partial ones. The partial ones do not have the diamond going the full circumference of the ring. Irrespective of if it is a full or partial eternity ring, what matters most is what the ring represents. Your unconditional everlasting love for your spouse, which he or she is sure to see anytime they look at the ring.


The stone on the ring is also a very important part of an eternity ring. There are some people who are of the school of thought that every stone type has a particular symbol to the relationship. For instance a particular precious stone or semi-precious stone can be chosen to represent some period both of you have spent together, where a particular stone is used to represent such event. When the wearer sees the stone, that period of your life comes to play again in his or her life. It should be an appreciable moment. There can also be more than one stone, with each stone serving as a representation of a great milestone in the relationship both of you have shared such as the birth of each child, wedding day, engagement day and the day both of you fell in love for the first time.


Even though it is a great idea to give eternity ring during an occasion, so that the ring can always bring memories of that special event, you can give an eternity ring to your spouse at anytime.

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