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What to consider when you want to buy a page boy suit

What to consider when you want to buy a page boy suit

When you are preparing for a wedding, there are a lot of very important things that cannot be negotiated. Perhaps, after the attires for the celebrants (the bride and the groom), the attire for the bridal train is the next most important items that should be sorted out. Among the bridal train are the page boy and the flower girls. You need to make sure that they are also properly dressed to add the required color to the ceremony. When you want to buy a page boy suit however, it is important that you consider some factors.

Type and color of suit

The type and color of suit that you intend to buy for the page boy is very important. The page boy suit is expected to also be the same color and style as the one the groom is wearing. If at all there is going to be a difference, it should just be a slight different in the color of tie the groom is going to be wearing. It should be easy to link the page boy with the groom by just his dressing, even when they are not together. Once the type and color of suit for the groom is decided, the same type and color of suit should also be purchased for the page boy.


Page boys are usually boys who are still very young. It is therefore important that the suit that is being bought for them is also their size. The suit should be lovely and fitted on them as well. Buying a page boy suit might require the buyer to go to a boutique where clothes for children are worn as opposed to going to a boutique for adults. It will be very difficult to get a page boy suit in an adult boutique.


Even though this is related to size, it is also very important. Do not for any reason get the page boy suit a year or several months before the wedding. Children grow up very quickly and getting the suit too early could mean the child could have outgrown it by the time it’s your wedding day.

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