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Characteristic Features Of Turquoise Jewellery

Characteristic Features Of Turquoise Jewellery

Types Of Turquoise Used In Turquoise Jewellery

A variety of turquoise is incorporated in the making of turquoise jewellery. They are Bisbee, Stabilized Bisbee, Enhanced Bisbee, Blue diamond, Blue moon, Ajax and Blue gem. The Ajax is mostly bluish in colour, though the blue varies from a lighter one to a dark blue. Bisbee is a mix of light blue and dark brown. This turquoise varies in colour from pastel to deep green and sometimes the opposite, that is from deep blue to light brown. Stabilized Bisbee is usually of the same colour if the stones are cut from the same nugget. But, even then, sometimes colour difference can be found in the stones. Enhanced Bisbee turquoise is not so valued because of the gradual fading and paling of their natural colour. To increase their colour, they are kept soaked in some solution for a small period. Blue Diamond, Blue Moon and Blue Gem, all three of them are bluish in colour as their very name signifies.

Significance Of Turquoise

The turquoise is considered as the mark of friendship. It is said that the wearer of this stone or the turquoise jewellery gets the characteristic features of the stone which is embedded in it. Turquoise is the symbol of truth and wisdom.It is always identified with positive and strong qualities such as cleanness and healing. Turquoise stone is held inhigh regard for itscolourful hue and divine powers.

Stones Used In Turquoise Jewellery

Turquoise stones have splendid metaphysical constituents which possess extremely strong healing power.It helps us to deal with ourselves and overcome our grudges and drudgeries of mundane life. These stones assist us to exhibit our clairvoyant capacities and help us to maintain our female and male facets. The inherent energy of turquoise stones help us to commune with the truth. They allow us to access knowledge about our previous life through their vibration that reverberates within our throat and our third-eye chakra. This is especially very helpful if we want to toil in metaphysical environs as they help in increasing our potent to commune with whatever comes from spirit within our everyday life.

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