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Great Benefits of ushanka hat

Great Benefits of ushanka hat

Since the time of eleventh Century, a hat was a fundamental element of a Russian man’s outfit, for wealthy as well as poor. In Russian federation the hat was exactly the same during winter and summer season, the sole variation being that in winter the head wear was engrossed in fur for heat. Peasants wore circular shaped caps made up of felt, rough cloth with a narrow fur trim. Rich individuals wore caps made of slender cloth or velvet, noblemen wore caps adorned with velvet or with ornaments made from silver, precious metal, jewels along with a hair edge.

A Well-known Hat

Ushanka is actually a most acknowledged Russian winter hat which is thicker and cosy with hearing flaps. The hearing flaps are much longer and can be tied up underneath chin for further warmness. When it is not cool one can position earflaps on top of the head in order to avoid distraction. The cap has become a part of the European military services uniform for winter. The caps are available in various styles and colours to match every single person’s preferences.

Some history of ushanka hat

In 1940 the Soviet Army’s winter head protection Budenovka was substituted with the Ushanka – rounded cap using a hair rear flap and ear flaps. The Ushanka hat got flaps which could be tied together on top of the cap, and reduced to guard the neck, ears and side area of the face.

Artists and painters utilized historical Russian design and style to impact their submissions for competition.

The final design was revealed after one year: An overcoat, a tshirt, leather boots, along with a fabric headgear with a Red-coloured Star insignia. The helmet echoed the existing Russian head protection using the chain-mail neck area flap. The good name for this new design and style was the Budenovka, and was utilized till the start of WWII.

Actually, extreme European winters had crucial role for increasing  popularity of ushanka hats in USSR and later in Russia. Ushanka was generally made from mouton, muskrat or rabbit fur and was warm and comfy. Then ushanka arrived at the army and for more than 100 years European military and law enforcement winter season outfits demanded ushanka hat as a need


Superior qualities of ushanka like easement, warmness, simplicity and comfort managed to make it popular. It is a kind of foreign stereotype to picture a Russian, certainly, in a ushanka hat. So, no surprise that these days this has become fashion pattern to put on during winter, the ushanka hat with ear flaps. And why not, when it is so elegant, useful and warm headgear

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