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Inspiring Workspace with a Cork Wall

Inspiring Workspace with a Cork Wall

If you’re looking for a fun and useful craft job to chat to on a Saturday afternoon, this is the idea you can turn to. Create this personalized message board for the bedroom, kitchen or entryway to let you and your family know what should happen during the week. For those who have a nicely coordinated home, you might not want to stick a regular old bulletin board in the middle of your decor. By personalizing such a board, you can create a unique piece for your home.

Before you begin, remember that you are spraying both paint and glue – so it is important to work in a well-ventilated area. Make sure you prep your workspace by just spreading out newspaper or an old sheet of paper to make sure you don’t damage the area around you.

Creating a custom cork board for your home

At the beginning you spray on your notice board and stick pins with the color of your choice. Ultimately, this is the color that will show up on the frame of this board, and the hooks won’t worry about completely covering the cork part. By spraying the board and the push pins in the same color, you have already coordinated two essential components of your new message center. If you want a darker shade, let the layer dry and spray on a second layer. Apply paint until you need to achieve the shade you want. Please be sure to find the front of the board as well, as these will be visible when the board is hung on the wall.

After your paint dries, cut your fabric to match the cork area of ​​your board. Don’t start applying your glue until you are sure your material will fit into the cork board area. Once you’ve made your adjustments, spray on the cork section. After you’ve given it an even coating, flip your fabric over and give it a quick dip with the glue. Keep a reasonable amount of space (you don’t want to saturate the material, you just want to create a certain amount of glue surface to stick the cork on). Let your creation dry before you start inserting pressure pins.

“Where did you get such a perfectly coordinated piece from?”

If you want to go a step further, you can add gems to the painted frame or maybe use glitter spray to liven up a simple panel of paint. Message boards like these are great gifts for friends and family, and when you know someone is going to school or moving in their first seat, these bespoke creations are a housewarming gift. Instead of throwing this plain Jane Brown board on the wall, use your creative skills and create a custom piece. By letting your personality shine through and taking into account the decor of your room, will you make sure you find where you got such a perfectly matched piece from?

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