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House Plants Indoor Bedroom Wall Decor

House Plants Indoor Bedroom Wall Decor Design

Most of us like to be close to nature. Many people who are blessed enough to own houses, balconies, or patios can grant our desire for green; but also for people who get by with plants in or window sills.
Even if your green thumb not only fits, but maybe a decorative accessory for your interior & functional.

Here is the way to do it:

1. Focus

Some plants look gorgeous when placed on an ordinary wall. Species like some bloody plants like Alocasia Portadora or even Spatiphylum with an area light to these or Dracena leave a feature in the entrance area or corridor.

2nd divider

Weeds are a chamber divider. Without breaking the distance, plants like Tall Ficus & Areca Palms can divide a dining and living area. Tall cabinets as a counter or tier are just another means. Plants between bells and whistles and also between the shelves provide an interplay between these areas to get broken.

3. Cosmetic parts

A common idea for decorating a living room, dining table or other room is to place flowering plants such as orchids, anthuriums or even African violets as table figures on coffee tables or dining tables. Or to put cascading tendrils from Ivy Plant on mantles, stairs, high on a tall cabinet or dresser to become eye decorations.

4. Remedy window

Instead of covering a window, consider hanging a few plants like philodendron or even English ivy. You will enjoy the light from the plants while it camouflages the view. Put potted plants and still another concept is to carry glass shelves. To prevent a look, the pots fit.

5. Improve space

Make your space more meaningful, use plants near windows, even if they are outside, it will develop your inner extension of green. Extend a plate if the threshold is too thin. Put a waterproof tray in the pebbles and keep it moist all the time. Put it on the shelf and then watch it grow. If the space is small, you can use tall and slender plants like Dracaena marginata that can create an atmosphere of height.

6. Accent features

Plants can look stunning, adapting the color, size and shape of these plants to one another, even though they are arranged in classes. You can set the number of plants exactly the number geometrically accurate in the container; this structure is also stronger in design. Adding plants to hit a corner is really just one way to change it up, or you can place other furnishings or a plant between two seats to break the monotony.

Plants are not only visually appealing, they can also stimulate a sense of smell. Aromas of flowers such as chamomile, lilac and lavender have a very calming effect. Therefore, instead of dry oils, candles, and potpourri, your plants can add a different scent as soon as you enter your home.

There are some plants that fit a scheme, although the alternative of a plant is a topic of choice, but also some that fit fashions. Most plants, palm trees, look great in any setting.

Most of us want our home to look nice and contain all kinds of furniture, furniture and accessories; However, the perfect way to put on your zing would always be to incorporate indoor plants. They add warmth, attract energy and give the place a finished look and feel as well. Maybe not to say it just brings us a little closer to nature.

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