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How to choose Silver Jewelry?

How to choose Silver Jewelry?

Jewelry is popular since ancient era. Earlier only Kings and queens used to wear jewelry. However, it has been ordinary once all the citizens have started to wear it. Silver jewelry is more popular than gold because of its variety of designs, durability and affordability.

We have discussed about the quality and other things of silver jewelry in following points:

Determining quality:

Determining quality of silver is very useful information which you need to learn about. In all silver jewelry, it is marked with a small later on it like .925 or 925 that’s meaning is sterling silver is 92.5 percent pure silver. Anything with less silver than 92.5 percent could not keep as its original silver color. If you cannot find any mark, you should trust your jeweler from where you are purchasing or look elsewhere. You also should check the strength of earring posts.


Jewelry in silver comes in several styles. When you are on shopping of jewelry, you should keep in mind for which purpose you want silver jewelry and with which outfit you will be worn it. If you are going to wear it every days’ life, you should look for simple yet durable chain, silver bracelet or silver earrings. And if you are looking for some special occasion then you should opt for different heavy yet elegant designs according to your budget.

Buy interchangeable pieces:

If you have some fewer budgets, you can buy some interchangeable jewelry. You do not require spending lot of money to buy set wise jewelry. You may buy multiple different pendant with a single silver chain so you can keep change it according to your occasion. You could buy single stacking rings so you can have it individually on different fingers or you can wear it all together. Silver jewelry is very versatile so you could save money by interchanging it. If you want to pop up the color to your outfits you can look for unique and beautiful silver gemstone pendants and rings which are available in different styles and sizes.

This is how you can enhance your outfit by wearing silver jewelry.

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