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How to wear your chandelier earrings

How to wear your chandelier earrings

It is very interesting that one of the things that come to the mind of a lot of individuals once they hear about chandelier earrings is the crystals that drops or dangles from chandelier for lights in a house. Well, this is not the case for chandelier earrings as there is no bulb hidden anywhere inside the earring.

What are chandelier earrings?

Chandelier earrings are so named because the earrings have a semblance to chandelier adornments. The earring collection of any lady cannot be complete without a chandelier earring as they are great choices for a lot of occasions and dress types.

Types of chandelier earrings

There are several varieties of chandelier earrings, which make them great in complementing every occasion and activity. The earrings could be made from gold, silver, brass or nickel. The ornamentation type also varies significantly. For instance, there is the chandelier that has the sequin and bead dangles that can be used with casual wears. You also have the types that have dangling crystals and jewels adornment for formal events. Some of the factors that will determine the type of chandelier earrings you should wear include the type of image you intend to portray, your dress style as well as your personal tastes. There are also titanium and niobium chandelier earrings for individuals that have allergies on their skin. Titanium and niobium is reputable for not causing itching or irritation on any skin type, even when earrings made from such materials are worn for a very long time.

How to wear the chandelier earrings

A lot of ladies often follow celebrities just to see their outfits and what earrings they are putting on, and then copy blindly. This is however not advisable, as there are a lot of other factors that could have informed the earring the celebrity is putting on including eye color and hair color, which could be different from yours. When you want to wear chandelier earrings therefore, it is important that the earring suits you. You should also ensure that they complement your dressing properly.

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