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Instagram’s Top 10 Kitchen Trends List

Instagram’s Top 10 Kitchen Trends List

Find the ten biggest Instagram kitchen trends of 2020 as inspiration for your redesigned kitchen design in 2021. It is not without reason that we are presenting this article to you. Our goal is that you have a comprehensive overview of the latest kitchen trends 2020 on Instagram, each elegant and super cool.

You don’t have to be afraid of spending unnatural time looking at Instagram kitchen trends. We have summarized it for you. You no longer have to bother to get everything to the point. Of course, you want to be well versed in the latest look in kitchen interiors around the world, right?

Instagram is one of the most pressing social media outlets. So there’s no question that it’s a great source of data and a place of inspiration (other than this website, of course). We were intrigued by some of the analysis and perception by designers about the biggest Instagram kitchen trends for 2020.

So if you are planning an extensive kitchen renovation or want to remodel your kitchen, you will quickly find the right ideas to get started here.

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1. Kitchen island

# Kitchen island has a big hashtag on Instagram. No wonder that the kitchen island was until recently the reliable center of every kitchen.

Kitchen islands are fast becoming a staple for kitchen remodeling. The kitchen remains the center of the interior of the house. And with more people living in open spaces, kitchen islands are becoming places where families can be together. More and more of these pieces were used for additional activities. Kitchen islands are no longer just for preparing meals, but also a place for home schooling / home office and an entertainment area.

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2. Pendant lights

It’s no surprise with # Kitchen island take first place that #pendantlights come second – after all, what better approach to drawing attention to your kitchen island than with a stunning pendant light on top?

Until recently, kitchen chandeliers have also become fashionable as decorations in various countertop areas – and you can see inside the kitchen upstairs how impressive and effective even the finest fittings are.

We know that lighting is essential to any interior design, including kitchen design. You may need to be open-minded to explore the different methods of using delicate pendants. For example, you can add drama to your kitchen by grouping some tags.

3. marble

To use #Marble, and you can see tens of millions of posts – many of which feature stunning marbles in kitchens, swamps, and ancient times. This is a beautiful material that enhances traditional styles and modern homes and cannot deviate from the trend. Even so, it must be handled with care.

One thing to watch out for is the end. Is it sanded or polished? The sanded edge doesn’t scratch too much compared to the elegant edge, which has an additional scratch. Polished marble is easier to color and has a nice shiny appearance. And very good for floor tiles, as they are less slippery when wet and very dirt-repellent.

Our recommendation? If you’re concerned about basic marble care, consider the composite look – they are convincing and effortless to maintain.

4. White kitchens

There are several reasons for this # white kitchens are so trendy: calm, simple, minimal white and light – all must-have qualities in livelier (and mostly very chaotic) areas.

White can be very easy to change. White cabinets are great these days for giving you a minimalist look, but also a great backdrop to overlay colors and textures. Still, a white kitchen will almost certainly delight potential customers. If you quit now, it will be time to move on.

5. Bar stool

We found #kitchenisland to be one of the biggest kitchen search keywords on Instagram. Then it is quite logical that we should also seek inspiration for bar stool ideas #Barstool.

The way we use kitchens has changed dramatically – they are more than just places to cook and eat now; You are the center of the house, busier, friendlier and more practical than ever.

6. Gold

#Gold in the kitchen is Insta’s absolute favorite kitchen trend 2020. Gold accents are popular on cabinet handles and kitchen fittings.

The shiny gold finish is right on trend now. But you can also switch to other colors like brass or bronze to get that warmth.

7. Floating shelves

Efficient and practical, floating shelves are a great place to display your most charming kitchen accessories. It’s sure to make your kitchen feel more like a living room than a cooking space.

8. Wood countertops

#wood countertops or wooden workbenches are trendy for a nice rustic-eclectic atmosphere. You will probably love the trendy “Soho Farmhouse” look when paired with dark blue or green cabinets.

9. Handleless kitchens

For a sleek and modern design, a kitchen without a handle or #handleless kitchens is the way forward. This kitchen style offers a clean and sleek look, perfect for busy open spaces. A kitchen without a handle works great with chic finishes and modern, minimalist accessories – but that’s not a hard rule. A modern wardrobe with a work table and simpler accessories create an eclectic look that is really individual.

10. Recessed lighting

No kitchen without a brilliant mix of kitchen lighting, from pendant lights as a center piece, task lights for preparing meals to recessed lights – ideally dimmable – which can be used practically when fully lit or when lowered to create an ambience when you’re done.

Hidden lighting #recessed lights is a great idea to warm up the mood. There are many brilliant ways to add built-in lighting to your kitchen interior. These include retro montages. And with the light function, which is hidden in the back of the kitchen shelf, you can let a room shine gently.

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