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Living Room Shelving Design Ideas

Living Room Shelving Design Ideas

There are many beliefs and bases that have been used by many homeowners right now. Nowadays, as it gives your homes the necessary optimism, many maxims can be applied when planning your home, some of them also in your family area.

The family area is your only door opener, and according to these principles, as that child’s mouth area, the door is also the ultimate way to gain power. You need to know exactly where and how to properly place your home furnishings. The sofa remains your focal point in this area, and you need to be aware of the need for tidying the sofa. In a way that is likely to undoubtedly attract vitality in the near future, that is.

When choosing a sofa, a person must be careful to avoid red couches as reddish is crazy as they are known to dispel power and develop a strong sense of anger. It is better to choose shades that can reflect earth, water and wood aspects. These aspects can attract optimistic energies, and the colors will no doubt be equally soothing to the eyes. It is also important to know that sofas must be placed around the area so that they do not block the doorway to prevent opportunities and wealth from entering your home.

Metal reflects strength while hardwood reflects the opportunities that can stand up for you and your family as well. Living room furniture can also be arranged according to Feng Shui. The fireplace, household furnishings, such as, use flame as part. Fire introduces an optimistic force of warmth and love. In the event that you don’t have a fireplace, anything reddish about your family decor can encourage that part.

Speaking of living room decoration furniture, you should always make sure that the decors do not block the doorway and window. As mentioned earlier, the door can be a way to receive favorable energies. You should also offer a clear path in particular.

The window, on the other hand, could attract a person’s attention. The windows must always be clear. When maybe it’s not clear, Feng Shui says that dreams are probably vague, no doubt, and you won’t find any opportunities either. In addition, all furniture should be arranged so that it may not be near the walls. Walls mean stability and security, so walls must be cleared of obstacles.

Ideas for storage in the living room

From DVDs and games to novels and magazines, the space is designed to be both a place to relax and a home. It requires a lot of proper memory. Overcrowding by just looking for dual purpose coffee tables with extra drawers, shelves to carry books and accessories, and large countertop baskets that are great for storing punches and sure to double as a table.

Window seat

All you need for a window seat can be a seat with drawers or, more simply, sticks or baskets lined under the window.

Back-to-back shelves and side storage

Back Storage Place another next to a sofa and it doubles as a small table. Also, use a smaller box with a lid to remove accessories like coasters and remote controls.


Add character to your place by keeping your best glasses or dishes in a glass cabinet where the parts can be viewed. If your chamber is compact, a narrow style and layout and style is optimal. Purchase a single copy with many individual doors to make it easier to store items inside and outside this cabinet.

If you have kids, put the fragile pieces at the very top and stronger pieces will cut down.

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