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Shipping Container Homes Design

Shipping Container Homes Design

Shipping container houses

There is no uncertainty that the shipping containers are resilient.

This phenomenal extreme structure is ruggedly made of climate-safe corrugated steel and blocks universal interchangeability that can withstand stacking, filling and attaching and repeated reuse. It is estimated that more than 18 million of these compartments are currently floating, rising and flying around the earth. However, the latest supported layout pattern shows that these anchors have been modified to stack a smoother payload: humans.

Usually there is not much space in the stands with a height of 2.40 m, a width of 2.40 m and a length of 6 or 12 m, but modelers and architects of these constructions generally do not work on squares, these five compartment houses are great. I like. Choose a fantastic vehicle I want:

Four-room house

These are stacked vertically on four unique floors. The very talented Belgian planners Pieter Peelings and Silvia Mertens from Sculp (IT) have created a simple home. Each of the four rooms has a specific capacity and a specific reason. Start from the bottom up. There are spiral staircases that connect the work floor, then the kitchen / dining room, the lounge floor and most importantly the bedroom and bathroom.


This is Ecopod. A smaller but more effective route for mortgage holders to avoid the crazy things on the planet. This steel travel trailer isn’t difficult to move and protect at all, and is safe enough to stay in remote areas for long periods of time. A solar-powered 80-watt board powers each Ecopod, and the floor is made of rubber that is used by scrap tires and protected with soy products to help fight the virus.


Port-a-bach is a comfortable and quiet retreat, as it is planned for low-vibration use in the surrounding landscape. This unique unit can be deployed nearby by helicopter or delivered by truck and is effectively connected to environmental utilities. This very charming house can accommodate two adults and two children and of course has a room and a kitchen according to its capacity.

Container city

The Urban Space Container City framework takes advantage of space by utilizing the first structure of the steel trailer – the stacking cycle. This compartment device can be used for homes, attics, workplaces and work rooms and does not cause severe vibration. The Container City configuration is already widely used by young children and for homes, craft studios, and retail spaces.

Espace Mobile

This very modest case with small compartments was designed to accommodate what the creator needed so that the owner had several alternatives if needed. The compartment housing is designed to store and maintain heat-generating energy and can be modified by means of gallery and interior arrangements.

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