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Kitchen Trend Prediction 2021

Kitchen Trend Prediction 2021

8. Smart cabinets

Smart storage is still the top trending design choice as it offers good functionality. From tower and corner cabinets to double washbasins to kitchen cabinets with smart storage, it can be both a design trend and a practical trend. This is how Paul Jenkinson, founder and managing director of the British kitchen brand LochAnna Kitchens, once explained it.

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The kitchen counter will continue to be an essential part of the kitchen surface. The need for smart storage in the kitchen is marked for those with small spaces. In terms of efficient use of space, it can serve as a home office.

9. Furniture walnut

We have seen an increase in walnut cabinets. It captivates with rich colors, subtle grain and a natural warmth that reinforces its sense of luxury that artisans pay dearly.

10. Finished gold

This modern era has spawned numerous faucet designs in a wide range of colors and finishes, so sinks are set to follow suit. The aesthetics also extend to damp rooms, in which kitchen furniture, kitchen appliance design, colors, shapes and sizes as well as materials are strongly influenced by the overall appearance of the kitchen.

According to Joan Fraser, an experienced product development and training manager at Smeg, sinks have become increasingly important in kitchen design. In order to meet customer requirements for sinks and to make a clear style statement, various models were created.

11. The curated cuisine

The focus is on pride and prestige in the furnishing style of the house. We see an increasing demand for showers and open shelves, followed by a growing demand for kitchens with a “curated” look.

Carefully designed and laid out, this visual space carries the value of art with decorative ceramics, cookbook additions, and more to instantly create a vibrant look by incorporating personality values ​​into a space that is comfortable.

Merlin Wright, Director of Design at British Standard and Plain English, explained that in today’s uncertain world, people are preoccupied with all digital life and crave space to relax. An area where they can find comfort and secure their tactile belongings and personal effects. So they hide everything in cupboards instead of displaying it in showcases and shelves, chests of drawers in large houses. He concluded that the result is somewhere between the maximalist and the minimalist style.

12. Appliances in drawers

The big kitchen trends of this year are the view into the living room of the kitchen with the tools in the drawers.

This is not a new invention, as Fisher & Paykel introduced their first DishDrawer ™ 20 years ago. However, this innovative device is becoming increasingly popular as we become more interested in the ergonomics of our kitchens and more and more of us suffer from back problems.

Fisher & Paykels DishDrawer ™ and CoolDrawer ™ create a number of features in their products that make life easier and easier. If it is installed at the level of the wardrobe, bending will be significantly reduced. You don’t have to get on your knees often to fill in detergent, rinse aid or salt – opening is as easy as opening a normal drawer.

13. Living according to the ‘Broken Plan’

They will define the decades to come. The zoning will alter the open plan in a manner known as a “broken plan”. This trend includes freestanding screens, cabinets, and furniture that leave a wide sense of open design. Indoor plants to create green areas and nest-like corners also meant cooking, eating, relaxing and entertaining.

14. Utility room & shoe room

Additional spaces such as utensils, pantries, pantries and functional trunk compartments have been carefully designed to provide efficient storage space for storing everyday items away from the main kitchen. More space and cupboards are quickly becoming number one on the kitchen wish list. It has also established itself as the highest status symbol.

15. Painted kitchens

According to Ledbury Studio, founder of Charlie Smallbone, 2021 will be the revitalization of a well-painted, hand-painted kitchen. This makes them more environmentally friendly and, unlike factory laminates, further improved.

Color is becoming one of the most exciting and diverse surfaces for kitchen cabinets. It’s also perfect for adding a traditional look and sharp modern design to a classic kitchen.

Almost unlimited choice of colors is the hallmark of this trend and gives you the freedom to express yourself. Whether it’s an old fashioned house, modern, rural or urban house, you can always update it by repainting if you want future changes.

16. Pendant lighting

The “pendant lamp” is the top two trend in Instagram kitchens. It’s quite a trend after the kitchen island is on the full wantlist.

Not only is it a cute and practical addition, the kitchen chandelier is also a central decorative element on the worktop.

Sarah Davies of Floella Interiors says the key to any kitchen design is lighting. He suggests being open to exploring the uses of chandeliers in a number of different ways. for example grouping multiple pendants together to add drama to the kitchen.

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