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The role of face shape when selecting jewelry earrings

The role of face shape when selecting jewelry earrings

It is very important for a person to take note of the shape of their face. This will guide them when selecting the type of earrings. A type of jewelry that will make one person beautiful might not be able to produce similar results on another person. Some there are various types of faces which require different types of designs.

When a person fully understands what the shape of their face is will help them to make an important decision as they select the jewelry they will go for. Some of the common shapes of faces an individual should expect to see around include the following:

Oval face

An oval face can be identified by looking at how it appears. This is a face with two ends which makes it to stand out like an oval shaped face. Those people with this type of face have many reasons as to why they should celebrate. This is the face which will fit with many types of jewelry earrings around. Even though a person with this type of face will remain attractive with any type of earrings but it is recommendable for one to check on the size of one’s neck.

Those people with a long neck should go for short necklaces while those with short necks should go for long necklaces. This is the only way an individual will be able to remain outstanding in a given area of beauty and appearance.

Rectangular face

Just the way its name suggests, this is a face which is rectangular in shape. This is a face that can be realized by looking at the length of the face. A face which is rectangular remains extraordinarily long. In other words the length of such a face is longer than the width of the face. This means that it takes the shape of a rectangle.

The best jewelry earrings for this type of face are the chocker. If an individual discovers that they have such a face they should make sure that they have gone for the chocker and they will have managed to kill it.

Round and square faces

This is a face whose length is equal to the width. There are no corners at the jaws and therefore those with such a face should consider going for an elongated jewelry earrings.

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