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Trendy ways to wear oversized scarfs

Trendy ways to wear oversized scarfs

Oversized scarfs are becoming trendier due to the fact that they are very easy to tie. Furthermore, they can be used for a very long time by an individual, even when they are at a stage where they are growing at a very rapid rate. Oversized scarfs come in different shapes, design and fabrics. Some of the ways you can wear oversized scarfs are explained below.

The simple way – Triangle Shape

Most oversized scarfs come in a square or rectangular shape. If they are square, you could fold them into 2 diagonally to get a triangle shape and then tie them. When they are rectangular shape however, you might need a bit of creativity to carry out some adjustments, to get a nice triangular shape you can tine. After tying, if you have long excess on both sides, you could just drop them on your shoulder. This style of scarf will go well with a jacket, a tank top as well as most other types of top.


Another option for wearing oversized scarfs in a trendy way is by wearing the scarf as a tie. This is also another simple way to wear the scarf as you just have to make a triangle towards the center. You can then loosely roll the oversized scarf so that it looks like a long cloth piece. Subsequently, you can wear the oversized scarf around your neck, so that it is similar to how you will war an ordinary tie for the neck. In this case however, it is better that you leave it loose.

As a twisted scarf

You can vary the tie option by wearing the scarf as a twisted scarf instead. The twisted scarf can be further used the same way a scarf is used. All you have to do is twist the oversized scarf so that you make a rope from it. You can then tie the role over your waist. To ensure that you have a neat belt, you can tuck the excess parts of the scarf under the belt you have made out of the scarf.

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