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Bathroom Trends 2021

Bathroom Trends 2021

Bathroom trends 2021: The perfect new look for bathroom conversions – These are the hottest ideas for a bathroom showroom, bathroom vanity and your own bathroom. What type of bathroom fitting, which color and bathroom fittings do you decide now for your dream home that you may still love years later.

It doesn’t matter what kind of fashion you are. Do you like modern or contemporary home decor that is shiny and tidy, or do you like the hotel-style decor? Whatever the type, we have brilliant ideas prepared for you when you are sure to update your bathroom design.

Enjoy our offers, from statement bathtubs to space-saving fashions that we have rounded up and that are probably the most inspiring in our bathroom trends for 2021. Have fun!

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Bathroom trends 2021 in forecasts:

1. Oversized tiles

We will go massively to the bathroom in 2020. Solid in the bathroom tiles. “Tiles in massive format create a hanging look that shows your head safely when you enter the room,” says Harriet. ‘Its considerable dimensions give the area a really spacious feeling due to the minimal stress on the joints.’

Embrace solid tile doesn’t mean you have to give up on fashion or color. Still, marble hangs especially when it comes to a minimalist look. “There is a wide variety of solid size porcelain stoneware tiles available as they come in a range of results that are comparable to iconic marble shapes,” says Harriet. ‘Colored marble can offer a wider choice, such as emerald green wood or an indulgent black.’

2. Brass faucets and fixture fittings

Metallic bathroom surfaces have been conquering our swamps since 2019. This year, however, it is time for brass to shine.

“Brass is a good material for appliances and fittings that will add a luxurious and high quality feel to your modern bathroom. It’s a cornerstone of the world’s chicest resorts and it’s for a good cause, ”explains Harriet Goodacre, Model Communication Supervisor and Tile Advisor at Topps Tiles. “Brass not only offers a noble finish, but is also sure to weather beautifully, which makes it a durable and robust alternative.”

So how can we design the latest new (hardware) in our moors? “Make an effort to create luxurious fashion by combining brass with marble to create a look that exudes sophistication,” advises Harriet. ‘A dark navy blue shade can enhance this addition, including an opulent finish.’

3. Wooden surfaces

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