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Crucial tips to increase the lifespan of beaded jewelry

Crucial tips to increase the lifespan of beaded jewelry

When a person takes a look at the beaded jewelry they will discover that this form of jewelry is attractive to the eye. This means that there is dire need for an individual to make sure that they have taken good care of the jewelry so that they can continue using it for a long time. Some of the crucial tips that an individual can employ to make sure that they have gained maximum benefit from certain jewelry.

How to keep it

Storing beaded jewelry seems an easy activity and an individual would not think about it in a wider scope. It should be noted that when these beads are not kept properly they might end up scratching each other. This will cause some damage on the beads. The most appropriate way of keeping them is to ensure that the beads are not in contact. This will play a vital role in reducing pressure exerted on these beads by a pile of other beads.

One should make sure that there is no load placed on top of the beads because such loads exert pressure on the beads. When excess pressure is exerted on the beads they can easily break.

Beads and water

There are some people who put on the beaded jewelry until they forget they are having something of beauty. These individuals might be tempted to go swimming or even take a bath with the jewelry. In most cases chlorinated water has chlorine which can easily react with the beads.

When a reaction between chlorine and the beads starts taking place then this marks the beginning of damage to the beads. The rate at which this damage will take place will depend on the type of material used to make such jewelry.

Beads and other chemicals

There are very many chemicals that people use in day to day activities. For instance most of the make ups are done using some chemicals. There is a need to protect the beads from direct contact with these chemicals. The chemicals might cause damage because some of them are corrosive while others are active and can easily react with the beads. This calls for attention when handling such things so that the right thing can be done at the right time.

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