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Extraordinary Farmhouse Style Interior  Design Ideas

Extraordinary Farmhouse Style Interior Design Ideas

The chic farmhouse interior updates the style of your home with just an antique Indian pole covered with iron ribbons and brass medallions. This functional coffee table offers additional storage space made from an old wooden chest. Some of them are painted with a turquoise patina reminiscent of Jodhpur, the blue city.

Others are very detailed with elephants and horses carrying stories from the spice route. The color feels natural and naturally lacquered on a rustic vintage wardrobe made from recycled old doors and old antique wood. Antique door dining table with iron hooks and buttons that is perfectly accentuated with the wrought iron chairs.

Elegant vintage bohemian

The green foliage on brass planters draws attention to the hand-carved details and natural, washed patina. Antique rustic old arches will make a statement on your kitchen fireplace. Give your table an elegant bohemian vintage style with a brightly colored textured tribal table runner that goes well with many colors. Old Planter is full of stories, grab it and fill a pretty cottage garden with plants or herbs.

Add farmhouse decor, homemade bouquets of flowers that add a nice personal touch. Rustic brass urns and vintage bowls, and those used in the middle, can be filled with seasonal pumpkins, pines, and flowering branches, adding to the charm of a quaint cottage. Create a place to keep your books and travel collections from the rustic old chakra bookshelves that add instant fascination. Have fun reading your favorite book on a box made of long wooden ceilings in blue and green, which is used at the end of the bed or as a window console in the corner.

Inviting in the country house style

Hang an old Jharokha window with pictures of babies in the nursery for a farmhouse theme. Hand-woven fabrics are woven by artisans from natural cotton fibers and bright colors, inviting for a country-chic style that adorns the windows. Fill an old rustic box with brightly colored seasonal flowers and place them on the windowsill. Sheer sari curtains are perfect for windows and kitchen corners or any other room where natural light adds charm and little privacy without stopping the sun.

Replace your headboard with 18th century Indian country house doors to give your bedroom an instant farmhouse update. Old wooden mortars from India’s villages are made into unusual posts and pillars, which reinforces the eclectic character. The carvings of the Dream Tree Wall Panel are a statement work of art, inspiring and full of positive energy. Add bedroom romance with neutral, wood-carved Kamasutra in a whimsical, whitewashed farmhouse style.

The country-style furnishings are your lifestyle statement

Give your home a rustic, country style look with old, lotus-carved door cabinets and antique sideboard consoles. Refresh your bedroom with high quality Suzani embroidered pillowcases that can be luxurious in the heights. Use a hand-woven cotton towel to do some rustic makeup or curl up into a soft pashmina blanket. The country-style décor is your lifestyle statement that is casual, luxurious and rustic-casual.

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