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Get Silver anklets for Charm

Get Silver anklets for Charm

You can add star charm with silver anklets which are made of 92.5% pure silver. They weigh around 75 ¾ grams providing a dainty look to the ankle. These anklets look very attractive when worn with stiletto heels.

Anklets of Sterling Silver

Sterling silver anklets can enhance the look of your ankles with the geometric motifs and the feminine charm. These anklets are plated with rhodium to makes them durable as well as to improve their aesthetic appeal. The craftsmanship used in the making of this jewellery takes care to see that you do not have to waste time taking care of it. It should be kept dry and free of chemicals to help it to last for a long time. The price too is affordable making it easy to get the perfect pair of anklets to wear when you go out.

Unique Benefits of Silver Anklets

It is considered to be one of the most beautiful ornaments in India.  It is not just used for weddings and festivals but also   in day to day life when going to office or shopping. It is available in a wide range of styles and designs. Anklets are made of gold silver and rhodium. But silver is considered to be the best option in daily life. Wearing an anklet is said to relieve weakness and leg pain. It also helps to cure swollen feet by improving the blood circulation in the feet. It is also known to activate lymph glands and boost the immunity system and help to fight diseases.

Why Choose Silver anklets?

It is believed that when women wear silver anklets they can overcome menstrual disorders, infertility problems, gynaecological problems and hormonal imbalances. It is considered essential when dressing up for a festive occasion. Each state in India has significance for its use. The western women wear anklets as a sign of fashion jewellery. Jhallar anklets have charms or dangling chains which jingle. It covers a large part of the ankle providing a rich look. These anklets are heavy and are mostly used by the brides on the wedding day.

If you are thinking of buying anklets then slim sterling silver anklets are the best option which are lightweight and look attractive on the ankles.

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