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Tanzanite Rings – The Ultimate Choice Of Native Americans

Tanzanite Rings – The Ultimate Choice Of Native Americans

Tanzanite was discovered in the 1960s in the northern fringes of Tanzania. Within a very short time since its inception, this blue gem has acquired the most sought-after label after sapphire. Topaz, tanzanite, sapphire and aquamarine are the four blue coloured gemstones which are mostly seen in the jewellery in United States. Even though all of them are blue in colour, each one of them is unique and has a special characteristic of its own.


Tanzanite rings come in myriad colours ranging from different shades of purple, blue and red. Normally, blue and violet are the most common colours that can be found in these rings. Purple and blue being deep colours, they adorn the hands of the wearer and women have been in love with jewellery since ages. Therefore, with their colour combination, these rings enhance the beauty of a woman.


Tanzanite rings are also available in diverse shapes. These shapes are such that one is bound to go gaga over them. Heart, oval, marquise, pear, princess, round, emerald, cushion and trillion are some of the shapes that one can choose from. Of all these shapes, the cushion shape is the most admired and well-liked. The second one close to the cushion shape is the trillion. Heart, oval, marquise etc. are the other shapes that follow after these.


The cost of these tanzanite rings differ in terms of weight. It ranges between 427 to 654 dollars per carat. Other factors that determine the price of tanzanite rings are the kind of cut, the clarity and sharpness of the stone, and its colour profundity. In terms of colour, AAA+, AAA, AAA/AA, AA, and A should also be taken into account. AAA+ is the exceptional colour, AAA is vivid colour, AAA/AA is intense colour, AA is moderate colour and A is light colour.

The price range of AAA+ is from 240 dollars to 650 dollars. 200 and 550 dollars is of the second category that is of AAA. AAA/AA is worth between 100 dollars to 375 dollars, AA between 70 -250 dollars, whereas A falls between 50 – 200 dollars.

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