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Settings of engagement ring sets determine their styles

Settings of engagement ring sets determine their styles

When you are buying engagement sets, it is important that you also pay attention to the setting of the ring. The settings of the engagement ring are vital because it goes a long way to determine the sophistication, splendor, beauty and overall appeal of the ring. There are different, precious stones and metals styles for the settings of engagement rings. It is very vital that your lady’s engagement ring fits her properly, is elegant and that she is comfortable wearing it.

Contemporary traditional and classic style

Most contemporary, traditional and classic style settings for engagement ring sets have a craft of platinum, palladium and white gold or yellow. This can be bought from custom crafted or pre-set designs. There is the option of choosing this style of engagement ring with a diamond or other types of precious stones or not. Diamond is however the most common type of center stones that is used for engagement ring sets. There is also the option of combining other types of gemstones to decorate the sides of the ring.

Cathedral setting

The cathedral setting for engagement ring sets has the semblance of a cathedral church alongside the arches. The bands of both sides of the engagement ring are used to secure the diamond in the center. You can choose the cut for the diamond based on your preference. Some examples of popular cuts include princess, round, asscher, cushion, European or miners cut. Based on how much you are ready to spend, you can also add several designs. Your engagement ring can be masterfully and uniquely customized with designs that are romantic. The diamond at the center is secured by a head prong made from platinum. This ring type exudes romance and true love.

Classic Solitaire

Classic solitaire is a popular type of settings for engagement ring sets. Its reflection and brilliance, which are unique and gives an illusionary and sophisticated look is a major reason why a lot of people are attracted to the ring. It also has the ability to make your princess or brilliant cut diamond at appear bigger.

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