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Titanium Bracelet – Pros and Cons

Titanium Bracelet – Pros and Cons

What are Titanium Bracelets

Titanium bracelets are chic and classy items that are simple and safe to wear. In addition to being a jewellery item, these bracelets are also known to assuage and ease the symptoms of arthritis. Titanium bracelets are made up of the element titanium and the positive effects of these bracelets are innumerable. Below are mentioned some of its effects:

Increase In The Supply Of Oxygen

Since titanium has a feature of attracting and seizing oxygen and thereafter transferring it to the body, sporting titanium bracelets on the swollen areas helps to diminish the swelling by supplying oxygen over to that area.For this reason, arthritis patients suffering from swollen wrists take the most advantage by wearing these bracelets. For this exact reason, titanium bracelets are also worn by the tennis players.

Compatibility With The Body

Titanium has a very high compatibility with our body. That is why, a majority of the medical tools and devices, which are placed inside our body are made up of the element titanium. Titanium is also utilized for piercing of the body.

Boosts The Immune System

These bracelets also play a major role in the growth of white blood cells. White blood cells are those that protect the body from foreign and harmful components and from the contagious diseases as well. These cells cleanse the body by flushing out poisonous toxins from the affected areas, thereby boosting up our immunity. By wearing jewellery that has titanium can help in stimulating the immune system of the body.

How Safe Are These bracelets?

With the pros comes the negative impact of these bracelets. Titanium being a metal, when, meets the body, increases the circulation of blood of the person wearing the bracelet. This causes light-headedness and a stinging sensation in the body. However, it is claimed that these effects last only for some days and eventually subside as the body gets acclimatized to the increased flow of blood.In addition to dizziness, rashes are said to be the most critical of all. Whether rashes will occur or not depends on the sensitivity of the skin.

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