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What you should know about enamel jewelry

What you should know about enamel jewelry

Either as a maker, seller or user of enamel jewelry, it is important that you have some vital information about what you make, sell or use. You should be able to know the history about it, why people are interested in using it as well as in what form they are available. This article will attempt to briefly give you general information about enamel jewelry.


Enamel jewelries were very popular in the early ages when jewelries were just becoming popular. The Egyptians and even the Empire of Greek created pieces of jewelry with enamel. This jewelry type was worn by people to show their status and beauty. From here, the jewelry type spread to the Roman Empire. From relics of enamel jewelries, it has been discovered that Greek sailors loved the durability of the jewelries as they sail on rocky slopes and high seas. During the middle ages, a lot of merchant and middle working class individuals got fond of using the jewelry type, since they could not afford diamond, gold and other jewelries made from precious stones and metals. This made it very popular up till the Victorian era. The love for enamel jewelries have picked up once again in most recent times as well.

Reason for the renewed interest in enamel jewelry

There are a number of reasons why there is an increasing interest in enamel jewelry today. 2 of such reasons is eco-friendly and spirituality lifestyles, coupled with the simple elegance of the jewelry. A lot of people are, therefore, now attracted to enamel jewelry. The jewelry type usually incorporates organic and natural motifs that signify an important empathy to the earth and its continuous survival.

Forms of enamel jewelry

Pieces of enamel jewelry are available in various forms. The most common of such forms include as medallions, rings, pendants and brooches. Even though they are not as glamorous looking as other jewelries made from precious stones and metals, they have an interesting expression and are generally more affordable. They are also very durable and arguably the most cost effective type of jewelry.

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