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Handcrafted Mother of Pearl Jewellery

Handcrafted Mother of Pearl Jewellery

At some of these stores you get a good selection mother of pearl jewellery which is handcrafted. There is wide range from earrings to necklaces that you can pick if you enjoy using jewellery. There is a new collection added every season. All this jewellery is available in gold or sterling silver. There are gold plated watches also that you can get for dressy occasions.

Mother of Pearl Jewellery

This jewellery was admired by ancient people for its luminescence. It is fashionable to match any outfit and affordable. This mother of pearl jewellery is crafted from the mollusc shell which is carved and designed by hand by artists to give it a beautiful shape. It is used very cleverly in doublets where it is layered with rock crystal or glass to give it the luminance of a jewel. These stores provide you with a wide choice of rings, necklaces bracelets, pendants and a lot more that you can add to your collection.

Mother of Pearl Diamond Teardrop Earnings

These earrings are made from 14 carat gold with iridescence and sparkle. They are carved for beauty and grace. The length of the earring is 2” and there are diamonds encircling the mother of pearl teardrop. These earrings can just be slipped on. Those people who like jewellery to match their outfits can choose a bracelet and necklace to match the earrings. These will be perfect for any dressy evening. There are also floral earrings, pearl drop earrings, cultured pearl flower earrings and a lot more if you like to offer gifts to friends and relations for birthdays.

Women’s Bracelet Strap Watch

Those women who like to entertain and be entertained always like to dress for every occasion. This women’s cocktail watch is ideal for the purpose. It is pretty with the right amount of sparkle. The watch is made in Switzerland with a small oval case and a dial that can be easily read. It has slim hands as well as index markers. There are crystals embellished in the bezel to present the watch with a refined look.

If you like mother of pearl jewellery buy a watch that goes well with your black cocktail dress

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