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Kitten Heels: The Pride Of Every Woman

Kitten Heels: The Pride Of Every Woman


In our world of today, people dress in order to look good. Though the basic reason why we dress is to cover body, people now dress for additional reasons. In our present age, people would respect you when you look good. In terms of looking good, the basis of judging if you look good or not is how you dress. In the long run, you would be addressed the way you dress. For example, by mere seeing a policeman, you would know who he is because of the way he is dressed. Hence, our dressing is very important. In terms of dressing, there are various clothes and accessories that have been created for us. There are clothes for our bodies, wristwatches for the wrists and many others. Another example is foot wears or shoes.

Shoes are made for the feet and they are usually made for both males and females. In most cases, these shoes are made differently for each gender though there are some shoes that are unisexual. There are different kinds of shoes made for females and an example is kitten heel

Kitten Heel

A kitten heel is a shoe made specifically for females. It is a short shoe with a slender heel of 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches. There is usually a slight curve that sets the shoe’s heel in from the shoe’s back edge. Kitten heels are usually having a tapered heel of centimeters 2.5 – 5 in terms of height.

Kitten heel is mostly worn by women hat are in their adult stage. The kitten heel blends more with a formal dressing. They are mostly worn in offices, meetings, and such other formal events. These kinds of shoes cannot be worn to play as the heel would not make the person wearing it comfortable.

Kitten heels are very beautiful and classy. Wearing them sends a message that you are a classy lady. These shoes are made in various unique styles and designs. They are also made in various colors that would match perfectly with your dressing.


To look really gorgeous, wearing a kitten heel is not a bad idea. Wearing a kitten heel would surely make you look classy.

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